Rio Grande, PR | El Yunque National Forest

A group of friends and I rented a minivan and drove to El Yunique Rainforest. Because of the mere size of the rainforest, it is hard to say what city it is in. This became a HUGE problem as we drove from San Juan to see it up close (almost 2 hour ride). 

My advice - DO NOT TRY TO GOOGLE MAP "El Yunique Rainforest". Instead google map the Welcome Center. I also suggest you stop in. The Welcome Center attendants actually ended up drawing us a map because of how difficult it is to find sights (very little signage and we didn't speak Spanish). They were extremely helpful.

Once we were on the road (with their guidance), it was easy to navigate. Definitely worth the trip.

For more information about the El Yunique Rainforest, click here.

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