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If you're anything like me, you went to the circus for the first time at 21(ok, you're probably not like me) AND wished that you could be part of the show!   While I am not a fan of heights, I am enamored by the idea of defying gravity, even if only for a a little bit. While visiting one of my best friends in Chicago, I was gifted me with one of the best experiences ever, TRAP 101(for the record it’s not called that) at the Trapeze School of New York - Chicago.


The session for newbies like us starts with a discussion on safety and a semi-practice run on the ground of how things will go when you're up in the air. They have everything you could possibly need for a safe flight, even a cool contraption to help your glass stay on.


Once you're all trained, it's time to spread your wings and FLY! Check out some of the pictures we took below.


Going up the ladder thinking, hmmm maybe I should go back down.



I struggled for a WHILE! and then finally, this happened!



BUT before that...Le struggle!  



Meanwhile, Missy was a pro.  Between me and you, I don't know if I believe it was her first time *sips tea*




If you're ever in a city where this class is offered (New York, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago), DO IT! We had a flying good time!


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