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Welcome to, your online destination for things to see, do, and experience in cities around the world.

Around here, we believe that life is about accumulating memories, not just possessions. In this community we share our tips and strategies on navigating through boredom, and the mundane aspects of life by trying new places and things, meeting new people and making new friends, challenging ourselves and each other to stretch outside of our comfort zones.

Representing various cities, cultures, and walks of life, through the lens of our friends (contributors), you will be able to get an idea of things to do AROUND TOWN; fun places to work up a SWEAT; where to get the PERFECT BITE & SIP; ideas for keeping the romance alive with RELATIONSHIP GOALS; and fun ways to chill AT HOME.

Inspiration, fun, freedom, adventure, connection and discovery make our lives richer and contribute to a more meaningful life experience. So the question becomes, “Why be bored, when there is a world of things to do in cities near you” – Ryn Rose

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