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Disclaimer: This submission comes from someone who isn't a fan of Medieval Times or anything like that. 

The Maryland Renaissance Festival was pretty interested. To describe the experience the best I can - The creators of MD Renn Fest basically recreated a medieval village. If you've ever seen any movie with a medieval/renaissance/King Arthur feel - this is it. All those people are here. Walking around. Interacting with you. They encourage patrons to dress in their medieval costumes and people take FULL advantage of this. 

The Food - Not that good. We had the turkey leg which was definitely IG worthy as the turkey leg is huge (and you have no fork). But it was so tough and it definitely wasn't cooked all the way. Now, they did have actual restaurant-worthy food but after getting a turkey leg, frozen lemonade, chicken club, potato wedges and apple fritters - we spent like $20. Not bad. But we spent $50 on admission (Adult tickets $25 a piece). 

Entertainment - We went with our two kids (4 yo and 8 mos) and they had a ball. They loved seeing the costumes, the performers, and the jousting match. Kids under 7 yrs old are free which is great. The festival is from 10am-7pm and throughout the day, the actors act out a storyline. We only saw the jousting at the very end which was cool. 

Drinking - There was an abundance of drunk people but it wasn't ridiculous. Evidently, there was a gauntlet you could buy and fill it with beer (we had the kids so we couldn't party medieval style).

Would we ever go it again? Sure. I didn't hate it. BUT, I'd definitely go in the first few weeks as the admission price changes after the first two weeks. If you are into this kind of stuff, it's worth the money. If you aren't, check it out at least once.

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