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Detroit, MI | A Weekend Guide To Detroit

I’ll admit, I did not know much about visiting Detroit. I have met a ton of people who have moved to the South from Detroit due to the economy. I recently had a chance to visit Detroit. The weather was perfect compared to Atlanta. There were a lot of things to do and festivals going on the weekend I visited. After the trip, I left amazed at how much I enjoyed the trip. I think a lot of people have preconceived notions that Detroit is dangerous or poor. Some don’t even have Detroit on the radar or have any thoughts about it. If you’re looking for a quick weekend, here are a few ways to maximize your time during a short weekend trip.

Getting Around

DTW airport is about 35 minutes to downtown. There is traffic during commuting hours so expect delays if catching a flight during rush hour. There is Uber (no pool option) and Lyft in Detroit (no line option). This was my preferred option as I did not want to deal with parking and rental car fee. Both were good except a lot of the drivers seemed to get lost easily. Also, the rides were 50% off with Uber the weekend I visited. If you’ve never used Uber you can sign up using my referral for $20 off your first ride and $5 off Lyft. If you prefer to rent a car, I would suggest an express deal from Priceline for savings which is only available on the mobile internet.

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Once in the city, in addition to Uber and Lyft, you can ride the QLine which is Detroit’s newest streetcar system that connects Downtown and Midtown. You can ride for free until Labor Day 2017.  Feeling adventurous? Try renting a bike in the city using the new bike ride share called MoGo, where rates start at $8 a day for visitors.

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