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Maui, HI | Road to Hana

The Road to Hana was an amazing experience but being prepared is an understatement. Because this is an underdeveloped area, remember to bring water and use the bathroom before you start your journey. Until you get to the town of Hana, there are no stops. 

Instead of going the route of a paid tour, we rented a jeep. It was about $30 for the day. Make sure to get a full tank of gas (we didn't see any gas stations on our 3 hr ride up to Hana).

As we drove through the mountain, there were waterfalls right off the road and amazing views everywhere you look.

But noticeably, it is, again, underdeveloped so they had moveable street lights that were stationed at busier intersections.

I can't stress enough how amazing the views were.

For more information about The Road to Hana, click here.

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