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San Juan, PR | If You Like Pina Coladas, Visit the Caribe Hilton

The Caribe Hilton in San Juan was by far my favorite hotel. Not only because of the view but because of the Pina Coladas served at Caribar Bar. They were THE BEST Pina Coladas I've ever had in my entire life and for good reason - They invented it!

That's right - Then Caribe Hilton bartender Ramon “Monchito” Marrero invented the Pina Colada in 1954. Hilton has a great video discussing the Pina Colada's history (see below).

The price wasn't outrageous (about $15-$20) but if you catch happy hour, you may be able to enjoy a couple of these for a decent price.  If you are staying at the Caribe Hilton, you can take your drink poolside and THAT view is amazing.

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