The Perfect Bite/Sip

Lower East Side, NYC | Beauty and Essex

Is it a Pawn shop? Is it a restaurant? Is it a champagne bar? Yes, yes, and yes!  This hidden gem is all of those things and more.  While roaming around NYC, my friend suggested we check this place out and I was so confused at first about why we were stopping in a Pawn Shop.  A couple of seconds later as we crossed the threshold of a second door, I was rendered speechless.  
Beauty and Essex is a restaurant, bar, & lounge that sits hidden behind a working pawn shop.  While that in and of itself is pretty darn cool, I was in for another fun surprise when I took a trip to the ladies room.  Ladies….FREE CHAMPAGNE!  So back in the day, while the men would talk business at the dinner tables, the ladies would excuse themselves to their own little lady cave with spirits and leather couches to pass the time.  Women are genius!  
We only had drinks so I can’t speak on the food, but I hear that’s also yummy.  If you check it out please share a post :).

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