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Silent Trap Party

Apparently silent parties are the new thing, and clearly I have been living under a rock or something because I had never heard of it. A friend had attended one once, and had such a great time that he planned on going to the next one and invited me to join. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was game to try something new. It’s not what you think though as far everyone is not sitting in silence, thank goodness.
I know what you’re thinking, did I have fun? Fun is an understatement! I hadn’t let my hair down and danced like that since college! Something about the headphones, allows you to tune out the world and in that moment you have zero cares about who is watching (fyi, no one is watching because they're dancing too) and what they think, it’s just you and the dj having a private party, in a room full of people!
How it works (From Urban Fetes): When you arrive you’ll receive a pair of Urban Fetes wireless headphones. You can adjust the volume and choose between up to three Dj’s with a flip of a switch. Each headset has a color (Blue, green, green) LED that shows what channel you are listening to so you can dance along with those listening to the same DJ. It’s not what you think though as far everyone is not sitting in silence.

The silent party hosted by Urban Fetes is a traveling party so you will have to check out their website to see where they will be an when. For now, check out a few pictures from the Atlanta Silent Trap Party.

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